Red Door Appraisal Company


We work with you and your company to get your loans closed in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. We understand the importance of providing the best supportable appraisals to allow you to close your loans promptly and professionally. We want you to think of us as a part of your company. Here are some of Red Door advantages:

- Our appraiser’s are focused on providing the best supportable values that are accurate. The appraiser’s are fairly compensated which allows them to provide quick turnaround times and accurate appraisals. Our appraisals are reviewed prior to being delivered to our clients to ensure the accuracy of our appraisals. We also offer originators the tools to assist in developing a pre-determined value estimates.

Order Processing
- With our technology ordering appraisals has never been easier. We also provide automatic notifications to update the client on the progress of each appraisal order which helps eliminate phone calls and questions.

Payment Processing
- We securely process credit cards or debit cards via our latest encrypted network as well as pay the bank’s processing fee. We remove the accounting for the lender by tracking the appraisal fee for you. By doing this it will save the lender time and frustrations of keeping track of invoices and payroll.

Service Agreement
- Every Red Door appraiser is required to sign a service agreement committing them to upholding the engagement terms.

Turn Time
- Our ease of ordering and timely processing provide the best turnaround time for our clients. Our average turn-time from order receipt to delivery to client is 5-6 days.

HVCC Compliant
- We ensure that each appraisal order is being compliant with the HVCC guidelines. We guarantee this by providing a “Certificate of Non-Coercion and HVCC Compliance” with each appraisal.