Red Door Appraisal Company

Cooperative Interest Appraisal (2090)

Appraisals of Cooperative Units are reported on the Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report. A complete interior and exterior inspection of the subject unit and the project is made and a concise analysis of the project is reported. The form also includes the number of shares attributable to the subject unit, monthly maintenance fees, total number of shares outstanding for the project and blanket financing information. Underlying mortgage information is also a required reporting component and includes: outstanding balance, monthly payment, rate, type of mortgage, mortgage due date and tax information. A complete cooperative appraisal includes the following attachments: sketch showing interior unit dimensions and gross living area calculations, interior subject photographs, exterior subject photographs and project amenities, photographs of the exterior of each comparable sale, a map detailing the location of the subject and all comparable sales considered in the report and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions.